how do green gas airsoft guns work?

by on 2011/02/03

Question by Bubba: how do green gas airsoft guns work?
I know green gas/propane is flammable, but i am pretty sure green gas guns don't work, by igniting propane every single shot. so is it just preasurized or something, how do they work. I don't have a green gas gun, but i do have a a pvc propane rocket launcher that i built. Although that works by making a spark and igniting th propane inside the chamber. But it doesn't seem like green gas/propane would work like co2 does for co2 airsoft guns, but i am guessing it does.

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Answer by pseudotopia
The gas is pressurized in the magazine, so when you pull the trigger it lets out a pressurized burst of gas, shooting the BB. Same as any other BB gun/potato gun/paintball gun

Even the spring and electric guns work off the same concept. The only difference is they pressurize air with a piston to do the same time. Only exception is the gas is air so it can keep drawing it in from the atmosphere.

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flyinggoldfish February 3, 2011 at 10:39 pm

It’s the same as the CO2 in CO2 guns.

Liquid propane is held a pressure inside the mag. Pulling the trigger presses the gas release valve which exposes the pressurised liquid to the external pressure for a fraction of a second.
This causes some of the propane to instantly evaporate and force it’s way out of the mag and into the gun, propelling the BB forwards as it leaves through the barrel.

There’s no ignition involved.

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