The Importance About Teaching Your Children About Gun Safety

by Joey Bennett on 2011/01/20

There has been an ongoing debate about the importance of teaching children gun safety. Some parents choose to sideline the issue altogether while others see the importance of educating their children. By sidelining the issue, parents are choosing to gamble. It is not safe to assume that because a household does not possess guns a child will not come in contact with one.

Guns are found in several unexpected places. Regrettably, not everyone is child safe as they store their guns. A child could be playing at the home of a friend where guns are kept. Such information might not always be disclosed to the visiting child's parents. Even when a parent does ask of guns in a home, there could be that one time when it is forgotten. One time can be all it takes to change lives forever. Lots of people, including trusted family members, store guns in accessible places, like a dash board glove compartment or in the bedside table drawer. This is not something parents are always going to be able to control. This is why educating children about gun safety is imperative.

Guns are consistently dramatized on television and in the movies. Children witness these shows and movies but then see the same actors re-appear in different productions. The lesson of life and death is not typically well explained through cinema. Be sure to explain the real life consequences of guns so that children will comprehend the difference.

One essential point to teach a child is how to differentiate real guns from toys. Numerous toy guns are manufactured to look real. Teach a child that if there is doubt, they should leave a gun alone and find an adult. Take the time to explain the philosophy of being better safe than sorry. Additionally, make sure your child knows that they will not be teased should they follow this rule only to find out the gun was a toy. If this does occur, follow through by demonstrating for the child how you knew the gun was a toy. Make sure to praise the decision made by the child and refrain from teasing of any type.

To teach a child about guns also removes curiosity from the game. Teach a child basic gun safety rules. Show a child different types of guns. Allow the child a chance for asking questions then. If you don't know what the answers are, find out. This will provide them with background knowledge and teach children to understand the seriousness of guns. If you are not a gun owner, think about taking your children to a shooting range. Most shooting ranges offer classes for children and adults safety which are taught by staff members who are knowledgeable and certified.

The information found within this article are recommended uses and tips for firearms. If you have any questions about gun safety or for complete, accurate information regarding weapon safety, please visit the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives at

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